Why should you have a wedding photographer?

Ok so today something caught my eye on Facebook today regarding an article written by the totally high end and worldwide recognised fashion magazine Vogue. 

This article was "The 10 wedding rules to break" Now I am all for breaking rules and traditions with weddings and so many of my couples put their own stamp on their day. HOWEVER this paragraph shocked me tbh. (Actually there are two things that massively stood out for me in this article we will talk about the other one in a minute!)

Hiring a Professional Photographer
It made sense back in the olden days, pre–Facebook albums and Instagram hashtags, when the whole world didn’t have phones with cameras on them. Having the actual leather-bound album on your coffee table seemed like the only evidence that the whole thing actually took place. If social media is not your thing, why not scatter some disposable cameras around the party and let your drunken guests go to town? You’ll end up with hilarious and candid pictures without the pressure of “likes.”

Ok so Vogue shall we suggest to people that they stop buying your magazine? That your online presence is plenty evidence of your existence? And while we are at it why don't you do all your high end fashion shoots on your receptionists iPhone and then stick an instagram filter over it. No didn't think so.

How can you honestly justify a badly composed slightly blurry iPhone photo or wonky pictures of drunk people as a suitable way for a couple to remember their wedding day??? As for the leather album they are pretty damn gorgeous these days. 

So brides and grooms why should you have a wedding photographer? Especially as Vogue seems too think you don't need one. Well there are so many reasons, if having a lasting memory of your wedding, the day you spend a fortune on, spend months planning and shed blood and tears over well honestly the most beautiful and wonderful way to remember that day is through a wedding photographer. 

No longer are we bossy people in dodgy suits keeping your guests away from the bar for hours while you stand in one spot with a fixed smile. We are now known as storytellers, photojournalists or my personal favourite camera ninja! We stay in the background observing and capturing the day as it unfolds. Of course your mum wants that photo with granny outside the church so don't worry we do that too. Its so much more now though than those "Olden days" we consider ourselves creatives and artists. Yes you're wedding is a 'raw, essential celebration of true love' and we want to capture EXACTLY that!  Your wedding needs to be documented in all its glory and that doesn't happen on a disposable camera.

Most importantly though PRINT!! When you have children and they ask you if they can see your wedding photos and your little girl wants to see her mummy looking like a princess (don't tell me you didn't think brides looked like princesses until you were at least 8) how would you rather present that image in a beautiful and treasured wedding album or trying to scroll through your Facebook profile pictures trying to find that one your mum managed to get as you came out of the church? I know which one I prefer. 

So while Vogue is trying to be 'on trend' maybe stop and think as a couple how much are these images going to mean to you years down the line? It might seem like an expense or an annoyance but guaranteed with the right wedding photographer you will have a long term family investment one that will be passed down and enjoyed through many generations. 

So remember iPhones and drunkly held disposable cameras do not capture images like this, passionate, creative, skilled and experienced photographers who love their jobs do! 

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So lastly the other thing that bugged me in the article was this 

Walking Down the Aisle With Daddy
Safely ensconced in the nook of his arm, like a wee lamb? Is that really necessary? Why not walk down the aisle by yourself or with your about-to-be partner—or better yet, don’t even walk down the aisle at all. When your guests file in, be there to greet them, then, as they take their seats, proceed to the altar hand in hand with your betrothed, ready to get the show on the road.

Seriously you are tearing apart one of the proudest moments of a fathers life (or brother/mum/stepdad) There is nothing wrong in sharing those last few moments of your single life with your dad as he walks beside proud as punch with tears in his eyes. Its not aged old tradition that takes away from the celebration of your love for your about to be husband but one that adds to that special moment just before he sees you.

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wedding photographer london, kent, surrey, essex and the UK
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