Why I am a wedding photographer.

A couple of days ago I had been emailing a client regarding her wedding later this month and realised how excited I am to be getting stuck in for the 2016. In this job as a creative, an artist who is trying to be a business person you can put an endless amount of pressure on yourself too succeed, to please people, to hope that your work is good enough to get bookings, the constant desire to improve, the frustration when things don't always go to plan, time management, the knowledge that you only get one chance to get that shot, the list is endless. 

So why do we do it?? 

I am sure the answer from someone who doesn't know this job would be 'well you get paid a small fortune for one days work' well thats most certainly not the case and not one I feel I have to justify to my clients who know how hard I work for them so we won't go into that discussion. But there is a few reasons I am here, why I chose this path. 

I fell into wedding photography, it found me. I actually wanted to photograph extreme sports but then one day by accident I found myself at a wedding and I didn't have a clue what I was doing but when I got home and looked through the photos I found an image that I will love forever and it was this one. Yes its grainy but back then my technical know how wasn't its grandest. It was the fact I had managed to capture that little moment of the way she looked at her new husband, so much love. And that feeling can't be beaten. 

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I was hooked, the comments I got back from my first wedding made me feel amazing. I immediately set out too find more clients and over countless more weddings I still get a warm fuzzy feeling of happiness when I capture moments like this. 

I genuinely love my client relationships, I love that I have been chosen to be a part of such an important day. Yep it scares the hell out of me that I might get it wrong, which is why I get as much information as possible prior to the day, why I am always happy to talk to my clients as much as they need before the wedding. They often become friends, in fact I have this job to thank for my fiancé and coming back into horses. I knew Nikki & Jon through my current job at the time back a few years ago. I got chatting to Nikki one day and found out she was engaged so asked her if I could do an engagement shoot for her and Jon to build a portfolio. Off of that they asked me to be their wedding photographer in Cyprus HOW AMAZING! From that we built a friendship and our love of horses came out, Nikki had brought a horse and let me ride her…. well that was it I was hooked again and haven't looked back (although my bank balance cries every month) Their wedding was amazing as you would expect it too be. Luke, Jon's brother was his best man. We actually didn't speak the entire time at the wedding but somehow after some nudging by various parties we went on a date. 5 weeks later we moved in together and are still together and engaged. So that is why I love this job, I never know where my relationships with my clients are going to take me. 

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The details, I love the details. Who doesn't love beautiful things! I get so excited over flowers, amazing wedding dresses, centre pieces, just everything wedding!! I love the creativity my couples put into their weddings, how the details are so personal and I love photographing them. I love hanging dresses from stable doors too trees, carefully balancing flowers, finding unusual places to photograph rings. Every wedding the details offer me a new challenge and I often find myself in awe of what my couples do to put their stamp on things!! 


And of course emotion. I am an emotional person. I cry at films with animals in the most, I love stories of achievement and hard battles won, I love the idea of fate and do believe in it, I love seeing soulmates commit their lives to one another and then celebrate it with everyone they love.  (So much love in this blog) And I LOVE capturing it!! Moments that are real and true and filled with emotion are what I live for in this job. There is nothing more satisfying and amazing for me than documenting the things that really matter! 


So there you there are my reasons. And I happen to think they are pretty damn good ones. I love my job, I love what I provide for people and I love the people I work with! 

Please if you have got this far feel free to share this post, I love for my work and life musings to get out there into the world!