How to achieve amazing wedding photos!

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I wanted to write this post because I work with so many couples who feel uncomfortable with having their photos taken. And it's really important to achieve beautiful wedding photos to be comfortable. You will already have you're amazing wedding photographer booked in and if you haven't yet check out this blog post I wrote about how to find and choose one How too choose a wedding photographer.

 You will already have the advantage of the fact you will both be looking you're finest on the wedding day but that in itself can be a worry as you will be dressed in a way that nots normal for you. However the emotions and excitement are likely to overcome that as well you are getting married :) on the whole for more natural wedding photographers like me we tend to hang around in the background capturing the action as it unfolds. My big piece of advice is to be aware of not slumping you're shoulders, a lot of people do this and its something I just gently point out at the beginning of the day if its something I notice. Apart from that I achieve my results for my clients by telling them to simply ignore me. During bridal prep it's definitely worth making sure the area you are using is tidy and free of distractions though. 

When it comes to the couple shots this is sometimes a point where a couple may feel a bit silly, but thats ok! The awkward silly laughs actually make the best photos. The way I work with people is to direct rather than pose. I like my couples to be engaging with one another and enjoying this little quiet part of the day to reflect on the fact they are newly weds! Being relaxed is definitely important and not worrying too much about getting you're dress dirty is ultimately how you are going to achieve those beautiful natural images. I once had a bride accidentally step in dog poo while we were shooting, yep not nice but she brushed it off and we carried on she stayed relaxed and engaged with her husband and then we all headed off to the loos to remove the offending poo! And I tell you what their couple photos are beautiful and they love them. 

Don't worry about the weather either, in fact don't worry about anything thats out of your control. You don't want to be regretting the fact you spent a chunk of your day fretting about something that you couldn't do anything about. Embrace it, laugh about it, brush it off and carry on enjoying every single second because it will be over in a flash! 

That brings me on to timings. Now when you do your running of the day always add extra time. Everyone and I mean everyone under estimates how much time they need or have. The last thing you want is too be rushing around between each part of the day, rushing equals stress and that will come across in you're photos. If things do happen to run late (which even with the best planning does happen) don't stress it. It's not the end of the world, and as I said stress comes through in photos big style and no photoshopping skill set is going to remove that. 

So to summarise… don't stress, embrace the day whatever happens and remember its you're wedding day. Yep thats right you are marrying the love of your life and that on its own is enough to create beautiful images. 

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