The beautiful Kent woodland bluebells

This such a magical time of year. Our countryside starts to transform itself, its almost an overnight event. Green sweeps across the fields and woods, the birds start singing and the bluebells bloom. 

I love this time of year. The colours and richness of the world leave me in awe of the power of mother nature. Its without fail that spring comes and everything that looked dead suddenly springs to life. Her clock for this world is one of our most incredible wonders and I am able to enjoy it in all its glorious beauty from 200yrds outside my garden gate. 

The past few weeks for me have been manic, a constant flow of work. Photographing weddings, horses and commercial work has meant editing has become my priority. But yesterday I realised I haven't ventured out there in a long time, I hadn't set aside time to enjoy mother natures gift. Its almost criminal.

So after I left the yard last night I grabbed the dog while everyone else was enjoying the post roast slumber and ventured out. The change from my last visit was dramatic, my senses were overloaded with the glory of this treasure just 40mins outside of London, our green belt. And so we walked (or Esther bounced) through the bluebell carpet, simply enjoying the evening birdsong and the early evening sun. 

We got to the top of the hill and there I sat with a view either side of me across Kent and a carpet of bluebells all around. I just simply enjoyed it, I didn't concern myself with the daily worries of life, I let go of the pressures of business and paying bills. I allowed the beauty of this scene to be only concern to absorb it and to be immersed in it. And for that small pleasure that we are gifted with each and every year I was grateful.

As I write this to you, I am listening to a conversation on LBC about how the Green Belt is under threat from the London sprawl. I say this passionately with absolute resignation, we must not build here. We must not remove this special place, our countryside needs to be treasured and protected. Otherwise where will it end?