Lets all give the hate a rest shall we?

Maybe its time to let love and compassion predetermine our actions in this world? 

So I am awake at silly o'clock yet again with my creative and overwhelmed brain on over drive. While I am journaling and offloading my day to the page I have the news on.

In the past 24hrs an awful event unfolded in Orlando, Florida. 50 people lost their lives to the crazy hateful nature of an ideology used to create weapons out of people who clearly have a very dark place inside of them. Dark enough that they are manipulated into violence and hate crimes against others from the same place, the same species. Humanity. And more often than not these people have been victims themselves to some form of rejection, hate or violence. Believe me there is a pattern.

I personally can never comprehend how anyone can want to hurt another living creature. To take away life. No one has that right.

But do you know what really got me? How this story, this awful tragic event has had round the clock news coverage. Now stay with me here before you start declaring me an awful person, an internet troll. This is my question, and its based on the current situation. The war on terrorism, that the west is currently fighting. That every time our 'liberty' is attacked here in the west we all stand together! Write facebook status's! Light candles! State we will never be beaten! So my question...

Where is the compassion and show of unity for the hundreds of people who suffered attacks by isis in the Middle East? 

I mean a quick search will show up more results than I would like to count of the death toll on attacks in Baghdad this year. More muslims have died than westerners at the actions of this terrorist group. Yet we still allow a man like Donald Trump to have a platform to express the view that Muslims should be banned from the states, despite the most recent attacker being born and raised in New York and allowed to have a weapon for his job? The problem here isn't Muslims. 

But then you will say to me, but the Middle East doesn't show any love and compassion towards us? So? Don't you see that hate breeds hate, violence breeds violence, fear breeds fear everything you put out into the world is exactly what you will get back. So actually love and compassion isn't based on what you are getting? If everyone went round saying well I am not going to love anyone until they love me first there would be so little love around. Its about the giving. 

I guess I am just tired of the Wests hypocrisy. We have it so lucky here, we honestly do. Its well worth taking a little time to reflect on that and to be grateful. I heard people are queuing for 8 hours in Orlando to donate blood for the victims, surgeons were flown in from all over America to help. Isn't that fucking awesome? Yes an awful, horrific event but look at what we have to help those who need it when these things do happen. 

I doubt the far too regular victims in the Middle East have this support and aid. 

I can sense it already, the brewing anger, the need to have someone or something to blame. I can smell the underlying fear and those crazy far right social media pages poised to manipulate the emotions that rise in this type of tragedy. Donald Trump rubbing his hands together as he sees the marketing ploy handed to him to put him closer to the oval office. 

But before you jump on the fear bandwagon...

What about replacing it with love? What about seeing each and every human being as equal to you? The same value of life. Regardless of skin colour, religious beliefs, upbringing, their country of birth, the borders that separate them from you. Because here is the thing with countries, religions, borders, politics we put them there. Yep human beings are the ones who separated one another. Its us who were the ones that decided that one person is better than another, that their religion is right, their country border is here and if you are from over there well then I need to fear you because I was told you are different because you are not from over here. 

Its the oddest programming for a species ever and its a wonder we have survived as long as we have to be quite honest. When we continue to insist on killing one another over pretty pointless things when it boils down to it. 

Yet here we still are but with a greater sense of fear and hate than ever. I feel like humanity is balancing on the edge of a cliff and before long its going to come crashing down because we are incapable of accepting one another. Unable to stand together and love. 

And love is a wonderful thing that we are amazingly capable of.

I guess I am supremely lucky. I work with love. I witness it week in week out. From my couples. I capture it and curate it and share in it. And the best bit I work with people from all walks of life. English, Turkish, Iranian, Muslims, Christians, Humanists, Australians, Americans, homosexual, hetrosexual, black, white and I could go on and on!! I have worked with so many amazing people who all have different backgrounds, beliefs, nationalities and the common factor? The thing that brings them together despite all of those differences? LOVE! 

It sounds crazy but love could heal this world....

If we stopped fearing differences, if we chose to educate ourselves, become more self aware. Stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated by our media and politics. To look at the next person you see and regardless of who they are or where they came from and recognise that common factor, we are all human beings. That their life has the same value as yours. And that any life lost to the hands of ideologies made to separate us is an abomination to mankind. 

If we could realise that and base our actions on that, from a place of love and unity instead of a place of fear and division across the whole world, imagine what would happen. 

Universe. Uni meaning one, verse meaning song. One song, you have a part to play in this one song. You can’t go back and make a brand new beginning but you can start now and make a brand new ending
— Prince EA