Why wedding photography?

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Finding your way as a professional in the world of wedding photography is no easy thing. You see it all the time 'the market is saturated' or 'there isn't enough work' So why chose this career? 

For me photographing a wedding is capturing the definition of the human experience. Unity & Love.

It doesn't matter to me how my couples choose to express this, whether its a church wedding, humanist, Asian, registry or a party in a Tipi or a country house whatever. To me all my couples are celebrating the same thing. 

'We found each other' 

And now we are unifying our family and expanding our love for each other and the people in our lives. Its the oldest most beautiful thing and a book I have been reading has bought me full circle back to this point. 

Tribe by Sebastian Junger has been one of the most enlightening reads I have had in a long time. He talks about everything from the first settlers in America who didn't want to leave their American Indian capturers to return to modern society, how suicide rates dropped during the blitz to why our veterans suffer so much upon leaving the military. 

It all comes back to unity that sense of togetherness. To be a part of our Tribe. 

And all day I have been thinking about how this links to my purpose with being a wedding photographer. Why does this call to me so much when there is such bigger things going on in the world? Why does what I do matter?

And then while editing the wonderful Candace and Ian who grew up on different parts of the planet, who had people travel from far and wide to celebrate with them, who met by chance as it is with all new opportunities in our world it hit me. I photograph the coming together of a new tribe, a new family being created, a new beginning. 

Thats why a wedding is so special, so important and why I will never want to stop capturing them.

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