Super fun & natural family shoot on the beach with the Waterhouse family! Plus some thoughts on perfection and comparison.

Family photographer in East Dulwich

Way back in June I made the drive down from London to North Devon to see my cousin and her boys. Noah had just started walking so I took my camera down to get some photos on the beach!

We had some fun between some strops from Noah when he didn't want to get out of the rock pools! It was a tremendous sunset as well which added a wonderful backdrop to the beautiful chaos of a young family enjoying the beach.

I have photographed a few families this year and I have really enjoyed each of them. Despite my initial thoughts of I am not good enough.

There are so many talented children and family photographers out there who all produce such incredible work. It's largely the type of work though that I am not interested in producing. You see I love people and all their imperfections. I find perfect boring. And although I thoroughly respect the photographers out there who produce more stylised and posed work, it's just not who I am or what I want to be known for.

I also find it stressful. In fact I think most people find it stressful. Largely because it's unachievable and false. Yet it's forced upon us by the media, magazines and social media. I could if I allowed myself spend hours comparing myself and measuring myself against others through every possible format. I can compare my work, my looks, my horsemanship, I could go on and on and everywhere I could find a way to put myself down.

It's in our very nature to compare ourselves because somewhere in the history of society we were conditioned to the idea of 'perfect' which by the way is totally different to a desire to improve and learn. The pursuit of improving yourself, your skills and your knowledge brings great personal reward.

Pursuit of perfection brings nothing but misery. You will never be fulfilled.

Which is why I love to photograph families just as they are. Soaked in rock pool water and covered in sand with tear stained cheeks. Thats the beauty of real authentic life. 

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