Personal Branding. Children's book author Nicola J Rowley.

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So Saturday just gone I got to spend a morning with Nicola J Rowley. Who I might add is an absolute inspiration. I have followed her journey over the past year to publishing her first children's book James and the Amazing Gift just before Christmas 2016. 

Nicola has achieved so much as a journalist, writer and photographer. But not only that she is a wonderful Mum to James. Who is the most intelligent and articulate two and a half year old I have ever met! 

Having James come into her life inspired Nicola to come up with her first children's book. Her absolute and unconditional love for this wonderful little boy changed her direction in life and I can completely understand why. James's infectious smile and generous nature (I was offered tea) can't help but make you feel happy. 

So this shoot was about showing who Nicola is and what her life is about. So obviously James was as much part of the shoot as she was :)

Personal branding is imagery that represents exactly who you are, your true and authentic self. Because let's be honest here all of us small businesses do what we do because we are passionate about it. Our businesses are a reflection of who we are because we pour our heart and souls into them. We push through the blocks and the mistakes along the way to put this piece of ourselves out into the world. So personal branding is about celebrating that.

It's about showing your audience and clients who you are. So when they visit your corners of the internet they can connect with you.    

I can't thank Nicola enough and her amazing family for spending time with me on Saturday. It was a wonderful experience. 

You can connect with Nicola on her Facebook page here and on her website here 

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