Wedding photo of the week: Lydia & Rob at Forty Hall

Wedding at forty hall in Enfield, london


There are a number of reasons I love this photo! Firstly Lydia and Rob are awesome and were so amazing to work with on their wedding day. 

The second is because this photo shows how beautiful winter weddings can be. Their wedding was late January this year at Forty Hall and although the day started bright we definitely had some winter drizzle.

Did Lydia and Rob care? Nope, they embraced their wedding day full on and made the most of every single moment. Thats something I love so much about my couples who have winter weddings they want to create beautiful photos no matter what the weather :) 

The final reason I love this photo is because of the coming together of their cultures is amazing in this image. Lydia with her incredible Sari and Rob with his Kilt just made this image even more beautiful. 

So thats this wedding photo of the week and I hope you love it as much as I do :) 

Ami xx

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