It's all about the people......

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So everything about weddings is amazing, or I think so anyway. But being a wedding photographer you could call me biased! 

There is so much about a wedding that is wonderful.
The dress
The flowers
The personal touches to the decorations

But the most wonderful part and the most important part is the people. A wedding is nothing without the people however big or small your guest list is. Whether its just the two of you eloping or a party of a couple of hundred nothing else matters apart from the people who make up the lives of two beautiful individuals who love one another.

Its the people who will cry with joy when the vows are said, and give massive hugs of pure love and happiness when the formal bit is done. It's the people who will laugh and be emotional during your speeches, the best man who pours his heart and humour into a speech and the father of the bride who will give a tribute to his daughter and some helpful advice. It's the people who get down on the dance floor with those amazing moves.

And even if it's just the two of you saying I do in your own special way, it's 100% you who makes your day special, unique and wonderfully perfect.  

It's so easy to get wrapped up in the details which yes are important because they too represent you. It's so easy after months of planning and putting your vision into play to allow wedding stress into your life. So all I will say is this from a wedding photographers point of view, don't sweat the small stuff. Remember the bigger picture, you are getting married to the love of your life and you are going to have the most important people in the world around you, celebrating with you. Enjoy every second as its over in a flash. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Ami xx



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