Wedding photo of the week: Chi & Hakan's first dance at The Regency Banqueting Suite

Wedding at regency banqueting suite

So I have decided that I have too many amazing photos that aren't getting their time to shine! 

I am a photographer because I love capturing beautiful moments that I have the absolute joy of having unfold in front of me and I love that my work brings so much happiness to the people I work with. 

So each week you are going to be treated to two photos of the week. One wedding related and one personal! 

This week we have this photo of Chi & Hakan's first dance at the Regency Banqueting Suite in London.

Why do I love this photo? Well its a real and authentic moment that literally explodes with the happiness these guys felt on their wedding day. And to be able to capture that in a photograph is my sole purpose as a wedding photographer. 

There is so much love in this photo and thats why this week its my wedding photo of the week :) 

Ami xx

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