What is love to me.

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It took a series of events for Luke to come into my life. Its started with me asking who is now my lovely friend Nikki who I knew through work at the time if I could do her engagement photos for my portfolio. Soon after doing those photos Nikki & Jon asked me to be their wedding photographer. Both of these amazing people quickly became my friends and Nikki also brought horses back into my life and her niece Cleo. The wedding, horses a couple of social activities I met Luke Cleo's dad and Jon's brother. We didn't talk a huge amount however over Christmas 2012 Nikki told me that Luke liked me (what I didn't know at the time was that she had also told Luke I liked him) She quickly took on the role of matchmaker and over a few messages and awkward encounters (mostly involving me stinking of horse shit and at one point actually hiding behind a muck heap) we organized a date.

I could say the rest is history but that would be boring. There was no games, we instantly started spending loads of time together. Within weeks we said I love you and within 3 months we moved in together. That was 3yrs ago. We are now engaged and planning our lives together, we have a beautiful home, a horse, a dog and two rabbits. Luke and Cleo are my family without a doubt and so are Nikki and Jon. It was a series of events through my passions and interests that brought us together.

So what is love to me?

Love is being able to accept someone exactly for who they are, good and bad. To know someone truly and despite their faults (because no one is perfect) that feeling of love and compassion never changes.

Love is being able to fart in front of your significant other and not be judged.

Love is being able to get through any challenge together. Don't get me wrong its far from perfect there will always be conflict and a difference of opinions but the ultimate result is always resolving it together and an ability to problem solve as a partnership.

Love is being able to laugh at one another.

Love is supporting one another through the good and the bad.

Love is being able to lift your partner up. Its the ability to help them become the best version of themselves while never trying to crush or change their authentic self but to embrace them. 

Love is being comfortable enough around that person to be the worst version of yourself (we all have bad days) and know that you are still loved.

Love is seeing yourselves grow old together, embracing the wrinkles, the forgetfulness, the grey hair and saggy bits and still finding that person the most beautiful in the world.

Love is unconditional and without limits. Its being able to sit together in comfortable happy silence anywhere knowing there is nowhere else you would rather be.

I am so privileged that I get to work with so many wonderful couples who know true love.

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