Why Winter Weddings are Amazing! Plus some little bits of advice around your wedding photography.

wedding at islington town hall

I have been thinking a lot lately about winter weddings and how much I love them. You see all the time posts about worried brides getting married in the winter who think they won't have amazing photos. WRONG.

Winter is one of the best times for photos as long as your attitude is 'bring it on' and you pick a photographer who is going to embrace it as much as you do then your wedding photos will be as amazing as your wedding.

In the photo above it was dark and it was raining in November. Did it matter? Not in the slightest we still got some beautiful photos. Weddings in the winter months offer so much for creativity and rain is romantic and atmospheric, it creates that warm cosy happy feeling plus you can't say it doesn't add drama. 

Have I mentioned winter light? It's the most incredible light. If you happen to get one of those beautiful crisp cold days you can look forward to that and I have also had wet winter weddings where the clouds break just at the right time and it's awe-inspiring. Fog as well can be the backdrop for some very special photos. 

I also find people are far more relaxed at winter weddings. I think it's because they dress for the weather so it's not like when you get a downpour in August and everyone is in summer clothes. At a winter wedding, people are ready to face the elements. 

As far as advice would go in terms of making the most of your wedding photography in the winter timings are probably the most important after selecting the right photographer. Plan an earlier ceremony which has many benefits in that you get more time for the fun stuff later. If an earlier ceremony isn't an option then maybe think about a first look before the ceremony. This trend started in America and it's pretty cool where you plan a location shoot before the ceremony for where you both see each other for the first time. It can be majorly emotional and makes wonderful photo moments.

Other things to consider are to pick a venue that has some lovely indoor spots as well as outdoors so if the weather is really really bad you have an option. Plan to have your group photos straight after the ceremony as well. Especially if you would like them outside as it will make the whole process smoother and better for your guests. 

Maybe consider some sparklers or fireworks? Both are amazing for a winter wedding just make sure you are all safe :) 

And the biggest bit of advice.... Be brave and authentic. Yes your dress will likely get dirty, yes your hair might get wet and you may have to make sure you carry some extra make up BUT who has fun and beautiful times while worrying about staying perfect? Perfection is boring. Beautiful, wild and romantic photos come from embracing the situation and loving every single minute. 


Well! I would really love the opportunity to talk to you about your wedding photography. All the below photos are from previous winter weddings and its fair to say I love them. So if my work is something you love please use the form to get in touch.

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