Consistency and why it is so important as a wedding photographer.

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Let's talk about consistency!

This is such an important thing to do in a business. You want consistency across the whole of your business from acting out your marketing strategy to maintaining your brand message.

It all needs to be consistent. 

The thing with consistency is that everyone nods their head and goes 'yeh yeh I know I need to be more consistent' then they aren't.

I believe this is down to a number of reasons.

As human beings, it's really hard for us to form new habits. And taking action consistently based on a marketing strategy is really hard for a lot of people. 

The other issue is we are now very conditioned to look for instant gratification and think short term. Which means our patience is thin when it comes to seeing results and we are also prone to making bad decisions or going off plan in a way that can have a negative impact on our long-term goals. 

But you must be consistent. 

I also know that feeling when you are doing all the work, you are sticking with the plan but NOTHING is happening. Sometimes things take a while.

It's a bit like a fruit tree. Before you plant the seed you make sure that everything is set up to achieve the best possible outcome, you make sure the ground is good, you make sure you have the time every day to water & care for the tree. Then you plant the seed and then you take daily consistent action to give the tree the best possible chance. And the results are not instant. Before you get to enjoy the fruit of your labour you need a little patience mixed in with that consistency. 

You don't just stop watering the tree after a month because you haven't had immediate results. 

The tree is your business. It starts small but then with your consistent action taken to nurture it you will get results. 

Now I am not saying that all strategies work but before you give it up you need to give it some time. Also, really important along the way make sure you celebrate any small wins as sometimes we also believe something isn't working because we are programming ourselves to only see what we DON'T have and not what we actually DO have. 

If after several months you see absolutely NO progress whatsoever then you need to revisit your marketing plan and tweak accordingly. 

Even then though once tweaked YOU NEED TO BE CONSISTENT. 

Consistency is boring to us modern day human beings. Social media, TV, our communities have created a myth. This myth is called the overnight success. 

What it really is is the 10yr overnight success. Or 2yrs, or 5yrs. The point is up to the point of suddenly being visible, getting more bookings, selling more product, people talking about a business there has been a period of time where that business has consistently acted out a plan of action, a strategy.

This takes grit, patience and tenacity. Oh, and embracing failure. 

The other ingredient needed for backing consistent action is PASSION. 

You need to love what you do, you need to believe in what you do and who you are as that gives you the certainty to continue. It gives you the power to scrape yourself off of the floor and try again, it gives you the motivation to take daily positive action even when everything is working against you and you are living on beans and toast. 

Consistent positive action backed by passion wins every time. 

So what can you do to be more consistent? Have you got a plan? And do you have a vision of what your future looks like when it all pays off? 

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