Ideal Clients and why defining yours will turn your business around

how do I define my ideal client

Most of us when we start out in wedding photography go into it with the belief that you have to book as many couples as possible and you have to appeal to EVERYONE! This is not a good long-term plan and can actually damage your business. It can also make you miserable as working with the wrong people kills the passion quick. 

As a wedding photographer, you are an individual. Just like in life you can not and will not please everyone. This is why it's so important that you work for the right people. Trying to appeal to everyone will be like trying to promote yourself in a crowded noisy room with everyone else around you doing the exact same thing. You won't be heard and you find yourself in a race to the bottom as potential clients are now just price shopping.

You need to be using your marketing to talk to one person. Everything in your business from your brand to where you show off what you do and how should be defined by this single person who wants what you have without question. 

This is very rarely about the work. Let's face it when it comes to wedding photography yes your work needs to be good and yes you need to have a defined style that is consistent BUT when you are a couple with no knowledge of photography after say viewing 10 photographers websites everything is going to start looking pretty similar. 

There will then be two things they start looking at. The first will be price and if you haven't built a brand and a marketing plan that creates an emotional connection with the 0.01% of the wedding market that you need to be booked up then that is all couples are going to look at. You by not defining yourself will turn every single viewer to your website into a price shopper. IF however, you can define yourself and align your marketing & brand to your ideal client price will never be an issue. 

They will want you without question. 

Marketing & brand needs to not just be about attracting people it also needs to be about filtering out the people who you don't want to work with and who you are not right for. This is not about saying couples are wrong or right this is about matching yourself to the ones who are going to be amazing to work with and who you will be your best self for. 

This is about finding your tribe, your fan club. 

The sooner you do this the better. Defining who your ideal client is will be the compass for every decision you make in your wedding photography business. Knowing this person will inspire your work, they will tell you where to network effectively, they will define your facebook advert audience meaning you save money, they will inspire blog content and Instagram posts! You defining your ideal client will be the key to everything you need to grow and see the success you want both creatively and financially. 

Remember you don't need or want everyone to like you. 

I am living example of this. When I was first introduced to this concept nearly 3yrs ago it made me itch to think about being 'niche' I thought I needed to be like everyone else to succeed. I had plateaued in my business, I was still getting good bookings but I wasn't growing in the way that I wanted and my strategy was non-existent. I had no direction and no guiding compass to show me the way. And then I created Julia. I spent 4 days bringing Julia to life. I discovered everything I could about her, what she loved, where she went, how she shopped, I discovered her fears and her ambitions.  

Julia now dictates everything I do in my business, she tells me what she wants and how I can serve her as her wedding photographer. Every time a Julia contacts me she books without fail.

Of course, they are not all called Julia and no they don't have absolutely everything in common but  I know that all of my clients have 80% common ground with my ideal client and they are all amazing and make my job a total joy.

So what are you waiting for? Who is your ideal client? 

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