Why you should be setting goals and creating a strategy in your wedding photography business

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I think we all go into wedding photography a little jaded. We have fallen in love with taking photos of people in love and we think that just by creating some work, slapping together a website and posting on social media a couple of times a week that that will be enough to see us leave the 9-5 and spend our summer weekends at beautiful weddings. 

The reality is far from that. 

Wedding photography is one of the most saturated industries to choose to go into. Now that does not mean that you can not make a good living from it. Those who have worked hard created strong brands and thought outside the box see themselves having very rewarding and long careers while creating the work they love.

I hear it all the time 'I am a photographer, not a business person, I just want to take photos' well unless you want to do it as a hobby (which is totally cool) you need to start looking at yourself as a business person with a product/service to sell. 

And to achieve ANYTHING in business you need to set goals for growth and a strategy to get you there.  

Too many photographers just flap about week to week hoping that the odd offer or blog post will get their diaries filled. Wasting money on 'boosting' Facebook posts and then getting themselves into a slump when they can't get the bookings they want. 

Everything becomes a reaction to the fact that you don't have work coming in which means you are then working from a place of fear rather than love for your work and what you can do for people. 

Those reactions lead to working for the wrong people and more often than not you will find yourself in the race to the bottom devaluing yourself more and more as you desperately try to scrape in work. 

Been there and got the t-shirt. 

There is a better way. You don't have to live like this and yes you can go full time doing your dream job. 

You just need to stop playing the 'but I am an artist card' and become a business. 

You need to be setting goals and creating a strategy to get there. 

Strategy is a scary word, it's a business word and sounds very complicated. It's really not. In more friendly terms all it is is a roadmap to get you to your destination, to get you to your version of success. 

I love creating my goals. It's something that gets me excited about my future and it gives me something to work towards. Goals make every day exciting because I know that my actions have been mapped out to get me to where I want to be. I have full control over my decisions when I know where I am going. I know what to say yes to and what to say no to. 

Goals and strategy make every single one of my actions intentional. They mean that when things go tits up (which is inevitable at some point) I know how to solve it. They mean that when an unexpected opportunity arises I can ask myself 'is this going to get me to where I want to be or is it going to be a waste of my time?' and I will know what the answer is. 

Most importantly though those goals and that strategy keep me on the even keel when the anxiety creeps in, it guides me through the down days and reignites my excitement for what I am doing when the overwhelm takes over. 

So do you know what you want? Do you know where you are going? And if you do have you worked out how to get there?

Have a great weekend everyone.
Ami xx

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