Lets talk money & why you need to value yourself as a wedding photographer.

How to price yourself as a wedding photographer

This is probably the biggest problem and talking point that I see with Wedding Photographers.

You see the question everywhere 'how much should I charge?' 

Well, how long is a piece of string? 

It's great for couples of all budgets that they have so much choice HOWEVER when I see my fellow wedding photographers charging money that means they are earning less than minimum wage I just think WHY??? 

This business is hard, really hard. It's also extremely competitive but that doesn't mean you should be devaluing yourself. The whole point of having a business is that you have the freedom to decide how much you want to earn. 

I am not saying go and rip people off with high prices and shit work/service but why spend the time working your backside off if that doesn't mean you are going to enjoy your version of financial success. 

There seems to be this mindset amongst wedding photographers that because we like our work that means we don't deserve to earn a profitable living OR we jump on the race to the bottom bandwagon and consistently try to undercut one another until we are all scraping the bottom of the barrel of life/work balance and bordering mental breakdowns. Which by the way is not good for your clients either. 

Truth is you can charge whatever the hell you want. 

If you have mastered your craft (THIS IS IMPORTANT) worked out your ideal client, aligned your brand and have a killer marketing strategy it won't matter how much you are you will book clients. 

SIDENOTE: That above is the simplified version OBVIOUSLY there is a lot of work involved and none of it works without consistency AND it doesn't happen overnight.
And you have to work on your craft first and foremost! Chase Jarvis charged thousands for his first professional commission but he had been mastering his photography for years beforehand. 

There also seems to be this guilt about charging a rate that allows you to live securely and enjoy a few luxuries. I hear it all the time... but I want brides on a budget to have good quality photography as well. That's great but working 50+ hour weeks all year including over most weekends taking you away from your family for a salary under £20k is going to drive you to a mental breakdown. 

Here is a little fact: WEDDINGS ARE A LUXURY

The only necessity to get married is the legal bit of paper everything else is a luxury item.

You don't need a dress to get married, you don't need flowers to get married, you don't need a three-course meal for 80 people to get married and you most certainly don't need a photographer to get married. 

We are a luxury item. So please stop beating yourself up for wanting to charge a decent rate for your work. 

You work bloody hard and unless you are in a position to outsource you have to be everything in your business. 

Being a wedding photographer is not some picnic in the park, it's not just pressing a button. 

Being a professional wedding photographer is a highly skilled service. 

You have spent a fortune on gear.

You have invested countless hours into developing your work and style.

You have to be a marketer, accountant, salesperson, editor, designer, blogger, driver..... 

Oh, and you provide couples with the most priceless memories. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 
Ami xx 

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