Guest post from Songbird Sessions: The timeless value of daytime entertainment at your wedding.

Wedding entertainment

In the words of Kool & the Gang “Celebrate good times, come on!”  I’m willing to bet that you didn’t just read the line above, but you sang it too?  I’m also willing to bet that you remember all the lyrics to the song that was playing when you had your first kiss on the dance floor at your school disco. This shows how powerful the medium of music really is and we all have our own little love affair with it.  It has been with us through the rough and the smooth, its therapy for some and a means of relaxation and letting go for others. Whatever it stirs in you, music is inextricably linked to our emotions and this is why integrating it into your wedding day is as necessary as serving champagne.  Music often takes center stage at your evening reception when the drinks are flowing and the high heels are off.  But, have you ever thought about integrating music into your whole day? 

Let’s start at the beginning. The scene is set, your guests are sat eagerly awaiting your descent down the aisle but somehow the atmosphere is a little tense. Apart from the chatter of private conversation, nothing else occupies them and this is the perfect time to start creating the musical ambience that will flow throughout your whole day.

Beginning your ceremony with entrance music pulls your guests wholeheartedly into the moment & provides a warm and welcoming musical backdrop before you make your grand appearance.  Your guests are suddenly tapping their toes to familiar love songs and there is an expectant buzz in the air.  As you slowly walk down the aisle, the beginning chords of a chosen love song softly sweep the air and sets this moment apart from any other.  Real and emotive vocals accompany the acoustic sounds and without you even realising, induce happy hormones all around the room.  The touching and emotional sounds of someone singing your favourite song, go hand in hand to intensify this aesthetically beautiful moment. 


Your wedding day wouldn’t be what it is without the most important people in your life there to witness it, so gifting them with tailor-made music whilst you put pen to very important paper and sign the register is from our experience, wholeheartedly appreciated.  Once your ceremony is over, everyone will stand to follow you out and once again, liveacoustic music will effortlessly enhance the giddy and wonderous feelings that everyone is experiencing.

Your drinks reception is almost like a second welcome for your guests and it is important to continue building on the vibe that live music has already created during your ceremony.  Whilst you are whisked off to take the perfect picture, you can be confident that your guests will be kept entertained as the tunes take a more up-tempo turn without being too loud or overbearing.  Your guests will physically relax into catching up with friends and we bet, even have a little impromptu daytime dance to songs that they recognize and love. Alongside a much-needed glass of champagne and a light bite to eat, live acoustic music is a highly emotive and personal way to enhance what is already a beautiful moment in time and no doubt become another musical memory that you can recall for a lifetime.


“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Hugo Victor


Gemma and Kelly

Bespoke acoustic entertainment

Am so grateful to Gemma & Kelly for writing this insightful post on the importance of your daytime entertainment. From the perspective of a wedding photographer the atmosphere of a wedding can make or break the photos and your wedding entertainment is more often than not at the core of that.

I really hope you have found this months guest post helpful in your wedding planning and to see how AMAZING Songbird Sessions are and how they can make your day super special just watch the video below

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