A personal look back over May!

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So what a lovely month May was! I had one amazing wedding in Kent (which will be coming to blog in the next few days) I was featured in Love My Dress which I am absolutely delighted about, it was mine & Luke's birthday, I have officially ridden Pearl and I also had some adventures.

I am trying to make a real point of taking my camera out and about more to document my life and the places I visit. Being so passionate about photography but also it being my full time and busy job sometimes means that the stuff that is important to me gets left out. So I have given myself a goal to have it with me as much as possible and to make the time once a month to do something with the photos and blog about them. 

It will likely be all quite nature and horse heavy as those two things are what my personal life revolves around. My biggest achievement this month has definitely been finally riding my beautiful Pearl (pictured above) having had her in my life since a foal and choosing to her education myself despite never backing a horse before this has been quite a challenge. Quite frankly it's terrifying getting on a young horse for the first time HOWEVER she has been nothing short of a superstar and taken it all in her stride. All those hours of groundwork have paid off and we have had two successful rides around the yard. 

I also popped down to Devon this month to see my family, I hadn't actually been down since my Grandad's funeral (I mean where has the year gone??) so it was important I made time this month. I spent time with my Mum & Grandma and also got out in the beautiful countryside with my camera and the dog. We love it down there, so many beautiful places to explore and lots of swimming for Esther, although one of the days I had to go in and rescue her silly dog!

Another big thing that happened was that we finally decided to mix the herds. So putting the boys and girls together so that they can all use the track system (best way to live for barefoot horses) well it was most certainly explosive and fun to photograph. It's gone as well as can be expected (the girls still want to bully the boys) but hopefully, they will all start to settle now. 

June is also looking to be a brilliant month! I have weddings in Kent, Surrey, London and Scotland, some great horse shoots lined up, a super exciting same-sex styled shoot at The Asylum and I have a feature coming out on the 4th. I have also got some great content to bring out on the blog which I am very excited about!  

So I hope you enjoy my personal photos from this month and that you have a great weekend!

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