London wedding inspiration. A beautiful Autumnal styled shoot.

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As my favourite time of year is just around the corner I thought I would share this beautiful styled shoot I took part in last Autumn. For me Autumn is that wonderful time of year where you can really feel the seasons shift, the nights draw in and I can start to comfortably wear jumpers again. The colours as well never fail to leave me in awe of what nature can do.

So when Mignonette Bridal from Chicago got in touch with me to say she was going to be in the UK and wanted to a shoot around London I absolutely had to say yes. Her wedding dresses are just stunning and perfect for the modern bride who wants something a little different.

We also pulled in the talented Holly Fowles-Pazdro for hair and makeup and my favourite wedding florist Anna Fern Weddings who put together the most gorgeous bridal bouquet. We then had the truly wonderful Syanne Patterson as our model. The whole look was perfect for a stylish London Bride.

I wanted to shoot as early in the morning as possible to firstly avoid the weekend chaos of the city but also to make the most of that rich morning light that you get during this time of year. Of course it was raining. Fortunately for us though the light broke through just as we were leaving the hotel and heading towards Westminster Bridge. The images we got there are some of my favourite portraits to date, which is why I am excited to be sharing them with you today.

After shooting around the river Thames we headed up to Mayfair as there is couple of spots in that area I love. Within walking distance of Mayfair Library there is an abundance of interesting and beautiful places to shoot and with Syanne absolutely rocking it I could focus more on what I wanted to achieve from these images.

I have never shied away from portraying strong women and often I think that bridal portraits can miss that. Syanne oozes feminine badassery and strength so I didn’t want to not show that off in the photos. In fact for me it was the whole point, not to mention the fact it was fucking freezing and Syanne was still showing up as awesome.

As a totally non girly girl myself I relate wholeheartedly to those women who in their everyday lives never wear dresses and feel daunted at the thought of having to be a ‘bride’ which is why I love this shoot. The dress, the look, the images all show off a relaxed, strong, modern and beautiful woman who is excited to be marrying someone she loves.

Anyway enough of my rambling, I hope you enjoy the photos…

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