Our little trip to beautiful Venice, Italy for my 30th!

Travel to Venice, Italy

A wedding photographer in Venice....

First of all I will start with WOW! In fact I could just leave this blog post at that tbh.

Venice is incredible. I have wanted to go there for such a long time after seeing it in films. It just came across to me as a wonderful mystical place that tuned into my nerdy passion of all things period drama and fantasy. 

So I booked it for me and Luke, first holiday in almost two years. You have to understand being a small business owner makes going away a terrifying concept. That being said travel is important for the soul and growth so its on my goal list for this year. 

Now when you arrive in Venice be prepared to have your breath taken away and your jaw hanging open for at least the first hour or so. We were staying on the lido so after arriving by coach to the Piazzale Roma we hopped on the Number 1 Vaporetto for the scenic trip down the Grand Canal. 

Getting around Venice

I should explain the Vaporetto really, its basically the tube and the best and most cost effective way to navigate your way around Venice. Its 40€ for 3 days unlimited travel and its so reliable. It was something I was a bit nervous about as couldn't find a huge amount of information. Its so so easy and pretty self explanatory when you get there. 

Every single part of Venice is beautiful, you literally can't get away from it. Its a maze of crazy architecture that has stayed up for 100s of years. You can see where its beginning to sink and some buildings are most definitely on the lean but all it does is add more charm to this amazing part of the world.

Staying on the Lido is good. Its cheaper and you have the beach, which if you were planning on going as a family would be the best place to stay. 

St Marks Square is mental. So beautiful but its around 18€ for two coffees. That being said its well worth having a coffee there, especially at the Florian Cafe which is beautiful with the band playing outside as well. Do watch out for the crazy pigeon men. Literally they are men with bird feed who come and put pigeons on you without being invited and then chase you asking for money. Very enterprising however I feel most people don't want dirty pigeons put on them ;) 

Ah the food, I basically ate and ate and ate. I love Italian food, stay away from the tourist menus as tempting as the price is and stick with pizza, seafood pasta, lobster, prawns so bloody good! And of course the Gelato. To summarise I wore the same pair of elasticated trousers all weekend. Not classy but needed to be done. Next have some lovely ones atm I call them eating pants. 

Right the Skyline bar at the Hilton, a bit confusing to get too but completely worth it. The views right across the city while you sit and drink awesome cocktails are just incredible. 

My biggest advice is WALK everywhere, literally there is a new place to discover with every turn. Don't worry too much about the direction or having a goal just wonder, stop drink coffee, wonder, stop eat lunch, wonder, stop have a drink, wonder then stop and eat and drink some more. No plan is the best way to enjoy Venice :)

Enjoy the photos xx

PS Planning a wedding in Italy? Please get in touch I would love to photograph your wedding :)

Venice is probably the most perfect place on earth for a small wedding or elopement! You have incredible photo opportunities, the romance, the gondolas, the amazing food. The place is basically made for exactly this... Two people declaring their love and commitment to one another. 

If thats what you are planning then I want to hear from you! xx

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