When things go wrong with weddings...

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As with all the best-laid plans we make there is always a possibility of things going wrong. 

This can be especially true for something as big as a wedding. Even with attention to all the tiny details and planning everything until you are blue in the face things can and will still go wrong. 

We have seen this week in the run-up to the Royal Wedding (and that is something that is being put together by some of the best in the world) with Meghan Markle’s Father now unable to attend at all due to his health, mix that all up with a bit of controversy in the press and I can’t begin to imagine how Meghan has felt and is feeling.   

I actually feel that she has been handling it extremely well considering that the whole world has eyes on hers and Harry’s wedding this weekend.  

Observing this has really got me thinking about things going wrong with weddings.  

I have witnessed no end of pressure that has been placed on brides and grooms over the years not only to create a day that truly represents them but also to please their friends and families. 

Planning a wedding comes with endless challenges; Family politics, timelines, sourcing the right suppliers, choosing a style, finding the right venue, what entertainment to have.... it really is endless and a huge undertaking with plenty of scope for things to go wrong with the stuff that you do have control over let alone the things you don’t.  

The stress can be crippling.  

Of course, it’s an enjoyable experience as well and one that (hopefully) you will only get to do once. This is why my advice that I am about to give is so important.  

You need to accept that during this journey you take together that something could go wrong and then you need to let go of that image of the “perfect” day and actually enjoy your day whatever happens.  

Yes, it could rain. 

Yes, people could cancel. 

Yes, your dress could get muddy. 

Yes, important family members could get sick and not be able to attend. 

Yes, one of your suppliers could have problems which could affect your day.  

Any of those above things could happen and there wouldn’t be a single thing you could do about it. It’s out of your control. You know what though if you can let go of the worry if you accept that something may fuck up and if you can choose to have a bloody brilliant day no matter what then that is exactly what you will have.  

The only thing that truly matters is that you are marrying your soulmate, your best friend. You have found the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with and they want you as well! All the other stuff surrounding a wedding honestly won’t matter in the long run and regardless of what happens if you commit yourself to having the best day ever that’s exactly how you will remember it.  

I really wish Meghan & Harry all the best tomorrow. How much they love one another is so apparent so I know despite the things that have gone wrong they are going to have the best day tomorrow.  

Have a great Royal Wedding weekend everyone!

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