An adventure to Wales with Anna Fern Weddings.

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So a few weeks ago me and the Lovely Anna from Anna Fern Weddings took a little road trip to Wales, the Brecon Beacons to be exact.

We both met a little while before the trip and decided that after what has been such a hectic year that we needed some nature, adventure and also the opportunity to be creative for ourselves. So we hopped on AirBnB found a brilliant place to stay and on a Friday night in November we were off with of course Esther my Vizsla in tow.

It wasn’t without mishaps though, halfway along the M4 I had a warning light come on in my car for one of the tyres and after stopping and being unable to see a problem we popped some air in and carried on. The very next day in the middle of the Brecon Beacons National Park we discovered the puncture and we were so lucky as we quickly found someone to fix it but also that it hadn’t blown seeing how many livestock grates we had been over.

After sorting the car it was on with the adventure and we headed to one of the lakes for a walk so Anna could forage for a bouquet she was going to make for our little shoot. Despite the weather the scenery was awe-inspiring and the mood of the landscape was just what I love to photograph especially with the colours of Autumn.

The first part of the shoot we barely had any light due to tyre issues and the making of the bouquet but we managed to get a few shots in before it got totally dark around a stunning spot with a waterfall and moorland.

It was then home for huge amounts of food and a decent amount of prosecco before our second day where we decided to go 70miles west to Rhossili Beach and what a stunning place! The tide was out so we walked the causeway out to Worms Head and were lucky enough to stumble upon a seal!

After a 2hr walk and with the golden hour in full swing we did the second part of our creative project and I love these photos. Anna is such an amazing woman both inside and out so it was an honour to photograph her.

This little trip was exactly what I needed and I can’t wait to plan the next one.

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