Wow so what a couple of weeks I have had! And it’s not over yet.

At the beginning of the month my oldest friend got in touch with me and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere during her leave (she is in the Navy) and I jumped at the chance. Within a few hours we had flights and an AirBnB booked for Barcelona, a city I have wanted to visit for a while.

It was also an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time with Laura. We have been through a lot together over the years and we have that type of friendship where it doesn’t matter how long we don’t see each other for our relationship remains the same. She is one of my soulmates.

We hadn’t been away together since my 24th birthday when we went to Berlin so this was long overdue.

We flew ridiculously early from Gatwick and arrived in the city late morning and it didn’t disappoint. Staying near the Sagrada Familia we were immediately greeted by our first pick pocket who we gave our best ‘don’t fuck with me’ stares to and they disappeared. I was genuinely surprised at how obvious the pick pockets are, as long as you stay semi aware they really aren’t a problem.

We spent the first day walking and when I say walking I mean walking. We clocked up over 15miles wondering the city which is insanely beautiful. One thing that struck me first that I absolutely loved was how although it’s quite a cramped city the residents bring nature into it with the huge amount of beautiful plants adorning balconies and doorways. Especially in the gothic quarter of the city.

We had our first round of Tapas that night and oh my god they are soooo good! We ate like queens for our entire duration and the beer was nice as well.

The second day was more walking in the beautiful sunshine and we visited the Arc and a huge park I can’t remember the name of which had some amazing greenhouses in which I was sad we couldn’t get into. We ate more food and drank more beer on our exploration.

Day three we decided to head to the mountains, Monserrat to be specific. About an hour on the train and then up on the cable car it was well worth the trip for the views alone. The monastery was incredible and I always feel it’s such a feat of engineering that these places were build so high up.

Day four and our last one we went to Park Gruell to visit some of Gaudi’s work. While it was stunning the queues for tickets and the crowds made it a bit of a challenge but it’s worth going as his work is just amazing and deserves to be seen. We also had paella which I posted to my stories and got a ton of messages from angry vegans which I kind of feel isn’t the right way to go about converting people to going vegan.

As ever my photos are always better than my writing and I hope the images below capture Barcelona and its loveliness, I will definitely be going back and I really hope that in the future I have the opportunity to photograph a couple there.

So enjoy and next time I will tell you about my next adventure at Brunchfest with the London Wedding Breakfast Club.

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