How your wedding photos should make you feel.

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While planning your wedding you are probably not thinking about life after the big day. 

You have the day itself to look forward to and you are living in the wonderful bubble of finding your soulmate and the excitement of making that commitment to them.

You also have that amazing honeymoon to look forward to, a couple of weeks of just you and your new life partner revelling in the joy of the big step you have just taken together. 

BUT then you have to come home and for some, this can be a bit of a bump. Back to the reality of life. Back to work and the daily grind. 

Suddenly you don't have that something huge and exciting to look forward to. 

That is where you are wrong. 

The best bit is yet to come. Your wedding photos. 

If immortalising your precious memories in the most beautiful way possible through individual pieces of art was a priority in your wedding planning.... then when you come home you have so much to be excited about. 

This is the bit us wedding photographers live for, how our work will make you feel. You see weddings are a huge life event. I have said it before and I will say it again there are very few times in anyone's life where they have all of their nearest and dearest together, especially for such a happy occasion. 

Capturing this for people and interpreting it in our own individual and beautiful way is what brings us joy.

We want to take you back, we want you to relive the day moment by moment. We put just as much love into our work as you have put into one another. We almost seem irrelevant to some until the moment of delivery. Which is why it makes me so sad when I see those stories of couples let down or disappointed. 

Your wedding photos should make you feel like you are back in that love filled day. You should be taken back to all those incredible emotions of joy, happiness and fulfilment.

You should relive the excitement of the morning, those butterflies in your tummy.

You should feel that intense love as you meet each other at your ceremony about to commit your lives to one another.

You should feel every moment as your photos take you back.

You will not realise the importance, the sentimental value of your images until after your wedding day. In fact, that value may not be fully felt until many years after your wedding day. 

Your wedding photos are the beginning of your legacy. The beginning of your story together as a married couple. They are the story of two families coming together and making a brand new one. 

You will one day curl up on the sofa with your own children and show them that beautiful day where their parents really celebrated their love for another. 

You will return to that wedding album in times of hardship when you could be losing or lost a loved one. You will reach for those photos and go back to that day to remember happier times to give yourself comfort. 

And then one day you won't be here anymore and just like I did when my Grandad left us on New Year's day your grandchildren will flick through your wedding album and smile at how happy you were, how much you loved one another and they will continue to share your legacy with their children and then theirs. 

Your wedding photos are an heirloom and the only part of your day (apart from the rings) that will last a lifetime and probably several more. 


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