This is for you Cat.....

I don't even know how to start this. It hasn't felt right to blog this wedding for a long time. I have no reason it just wasn't the right time.

Then late last night Cat shared my anniversary post of their first wedding anniversary from this exact date last year. Its been 2yrs today since this remarkable day and this blog is for one person and one person only, Cat. 

Please stay with me, everyone who knows me knows I am not the best with words. Remember when I kept calling Puds 'Mark'? This blog post maybe similar to that but its from the heart.

2yrs ago a lovely photographer called Naomi posted asking if anyone could shoot this wedding in 3 weeks time. It was for this amazing couple who were having to put everything together really quickly because it was a space in time where Puds (Anthony not Mark) was well enough to do it. 

I saw the post and knew I had to do it. 3 weeks later I found myself in a corridor photographing the most beautiful dress, Cat's grandmothers wedding dress. Remade for her on her wedding. That dress for me set the tone for the entire day. Personal, beautiful, authentic and so filled with love. 

I have never been to a wedding before or since where you could literally feel the love and joy tingle across your skin. I spent most of the day with goosebumps. The thing is with weddings people can get so wrapped up in the material features, the timeline, the food, the dress etc they can often forget the root of the wedding. The reason you are there in the first place because you love someone so deeply that you want to dedicate your life to them. 

Cat & Puds wedding was 100% about the reason. Everything else just fell into place, wonderful family members who did the flowers, food, cake EVERYTHING was made with love. 

I am not going to write much more but I will say this thank you Cat & Puds for having me celebrate your day with you. Your wedding defined my business and how I view what I do. I will always have you both in my thoughts and the reason behind the why.

Ami xx

To anyone else who maybe reading please make a small donation to Marie Curie if you can. They are a wonderful charity who I know helped Cat & Puds a great deal last year. I even made a special button that will take you straight to their donation page.

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