My adventure to Madeira.

wedding photographer in Madeira

So I have finally got round to sorting out these photos from my trip with my Mum to Madeira back in January. I have had a bit of a snow day today which meant it's been a day of editing. 

With how cold it is it's been lovely to revisit this beautiful warm place. My Mum booked this trip for us late last Summer as we have never been away together. It appeared my Mum had exceptional foresight as this was probably one of my most ever needed holidays and for her as well. 

You see many of you who follow me regularly will know what happened to my Grandad. How he was diagnosed in early October with terminal Leukaemia and what followed was weeks of craziness and exhaustion as we all came together to help look after the man who had been the heart of our family. The man who was such a pillar of strength to all of us. We watched him disintegrate physically but never in spirit. 

He left us on New Years Day. 

I don't think we were aware of how tired we were until we got there. We left a couple of days after his funeral and the extent of the weariness felt didn't hit until the warm sun of Madeira was felt on our skin. 

If I close my eyes now and think back I can still feel that warmth. 

Madeira was a wonderful place. The warmth of the people matched the warmth of the weather. The different tones of green were endless. Funchal the capital comes down from the mountains like a waterfall of orange and white. The island of eternal of spring even in January has the most beautiful flowers in bloom. 

Our time there was the bridge from the surreal to trying to find the new normal. As things are never the same after you lose someone you love. 

I hope you enjoy the photos and I would heartily recommend a visit to this incredible place.

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